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If you're like most small businesses you're having to adopt technology to stay relevant in your industry, but don't have the internal resources to make the right decisions.


It's easy to waste time and money trying to find the right technology partner. Most small businesses have more than a few horror stories dealing with technology.


There are so many opportunities to add value to your business using technology. Are you ready to take your business to a new level?

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About BGK

Founder - Ben Kittrell

Throughout my career I've worked on all kinds of software and information technology projects for clients large and small. From enterprise systems at mobile phone carriers and government agencies to social platform startups. While the early part of my career was spent in the trenches as a software engineer, I now help companies develop high-level strategies to solve their technology problems.

What clients are saying...

Ben's experience and insight into what it takes to successfully build, launch and grow any kind of web technology based company is extremely valuable to anyone whose success depends on getting it right. I rely upon him for anything from choosing the right technology stack, approach and even employee or vendor selections. The return on time, money and more importantly reduced frustration is why he remains an important part of any decision I make.

Jonathan Whistman - Senior Partner - Elevate Human Potential

Ben has led some of our most complex development projects. The value Ben contributes in these efforts has been pervasive, but his strategic guidance has been the difference maker. Our experience has been that some time and money invested up front setting direction and technical strategy has resulted in savings many times over. I can’t think of anyone I would trust or recommend more highly than Ben in directing your most mission critical development efforts.

Dustin Pittman - Principal and Founder - Covenant Consulting

Ben helped the team with key decisions that impact how information is gathered and presented. Ben challenged the team with a number of insightful questions, white-boarding sessions, and even facilitated end-user interviews with active customers. Ben's investigative approach helped the team shift how they approach development and meeting user expectations. The RFP365 team considers Ben a trusted advisor and continues to engage his insight.

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